Versatile photographer who travels

So what can I offer? Whatever your event or special occasion I can deliver quality images at a reasonable price. I have always held the belief that the photos I take should belong to the person I am shooting for at no extra cost. There will be no need for you to try and find the time to sit down and sort through the pictures. Through my experience I know which pictures will make the final cut. This will all be part of the overall package.

So what will you get in addition to my commitment, passion and natural style of photography?

The answer is simple:

  • All digital images provided copyright free via a downloadable link and subsequent disc or personalised USB drive for weddings.
  • A workable timescale to get your pictures to you based upon the type of event you would like covered. 
  • One affordable price that will cover everything that is required to make sure your digital images are sent directly to you. 

Contact me to see if I can capture those special moments for you...